Saturday, February 5, 2011

R-O-A-D Trip !

It's that time of year, we are all getting the dreaded,
C-A-B-I-N  ~  F-E-V-E-R ..!!!!!

So as a follow up to yesterdays 'beach' theme, I have added an appropriate journal to accompany you on your trip to the beach, at least that is where I would like to go. :)

what better way to keep track of milage, expenses and of course all things that go with a R-O-A-D  T-R-I-P !  ............ so now where are you off to.?.....can you tell, I love a road~trip ?

message me at~
large journals $12.00
small journals  $6.00

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Friday, welcome to the weekend!

Going into the weekend, here in the cold midwest, brrrrrrrrr
I am adding a journal that will give you a warm feeling all over.
Be sure to run your toes through the sand and feel the warm breeze in your hair, and oh..... the smell of the ocean , did I mention that one.!?  How good does that sound right now.?.....G-O-O-D !!!!!!  :)
p.s. don't forget the tropical drink with a cute little umbrella~!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

just journaling......and a bonus

At the beginning of the week, I posted about my son turning 13.  So here is a "Happy Birthday" journal, not for him or course.
AND......S~U~R~P~R~I~S~E!..... a coordinating frame.   how cool is that.?  I love when things go together.  It makes me smile. :)