Sunday, January 30, 2011

aaawwwwww Baby notebooks

Thought it would be a nice switch-up to change gears.
A new month is upon us this week. My oldest son will be 13 ! my 1st teenager, (eeeek)?!??... So it is time for a mother to reflect on her 1st born. What I remember the most besides how adorable and tiny at 6 lbs. he was is how he was my little buddy, especially when he began to walk & talk.
So I though I would present some journals this week starting of course with the 'baby' theme.
I have designed and created many journals, large and small for any and all occasions. A baby journal is the perfect gift for a new Mom to record all those special little moments. Remember how they want you to keep track of all the 'wet diapers' and a feeding schedule.?.... at least that is what I did alot of.

Small journals; measure 3 x 5, sell for $6.00
Large journals; measure 6 x 9, sell for $12.00


  1. Awwwww, these are so cute!!! What a lot of work to tie all those ribbons!

  2. Thanks Susan, once I get my groove on it is pretty simple.