Thursday, July 15, 2010

Artist Trading Cards

As promised from yesterday's post, I have selected an image displaying 3 of my favorite 'Artist Trading Cards.'
These are meant to be designed and traded all over the world, however I could never quite let mine go. To me they are like little masterworks of art, and they let me experience a smaller image area than I am used to.
Each is the size of a playing card. As a matter of fact; playing cards are generally used for the base. Most of these were produced at a ladies event. We just gathered round at a friends studio; "GREEN LION ART STUDIO" and away we went surrounded by tons of magazines, old books, tons of type and of course lots and lots modge-podge.

1 comment:

  1. Ang, have you ever thought of having a tree in your house decorated with ATCs? They aren't my thing, but I do have a small Christmas tree each year with miniature books (all Christmas themed) I put out. That would be a great way to display these little works of art?